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Which series would you most like to see done next?

Night of the Horny Living Dead
16% (198 votes)
Baby Mikey
43% (529 votes)
New Adventures of Nikko
8% (103 votes)
My Girl the Android
4% (54 votes)
Dickem U
14% (170 votes)
The Workout
6% (71 votes)
Other (Specify in comments)
8% (95 votes)
Total votes: 1220

Posting Items on Other Sites

At least one user here is taking my work and posting it on other sites. I don't understand why, unless it's simply to gain prestige on those sites.

This is a free site. I'd like to keep it that way, and I'd like people to show common courtesy and not post things elsewhere without gaining permission first. Who knows, I might even give permission.

If this keeps up, this site will become an invitation only site. We don't want that now do we.

Minor Changes

I've moved some of the links at the top of each page. All of the gallery links (Latest Updates, Latest Gallery Comments, and Gallery Search) are under the Main Gallery link now. Just hover over it with your mouse and you'll see them.

New and Exciting Things

Hello to all the new and existing users!

We've had a bit of a rush of new folks to the site, that's a good thing obviously. Some of the new folks are having trouble accessing some of the content, still trying to figure out why, so please let me know of you're having such trouble.

I've added some new features, the main one that is of concern is Private Messaging. You'll notice in the upper left corner, a block that says "Private Messages". This feature allows you to send and receive private messages from site users. Please don't abuse the privilege! There is an option to block messages from users if you so desire. And I'd like to know if someone sends you spam, or an abusive message.

Also, private messages should really be for private stuff. If others can benefit from your question and/or the answer, make a forum thread instead.

Other features are more behind the scenes, allowing me more flexibility with site layout and administration.

As always, enjoy yourselves, and let me know if you have questions or difficulties with the site.



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